Training Courses

  • Novice-This course is for individuals who have no experience of operating forklift trucks.Having the ability to drive can be an advantage but nota requirement to taking the course.
  • Experienced- Has experience of driving a forklift truck, but has had no formal training or certification.All operators who have been certificated but have not taken a Refresher course within the last5 years must take this course
  • Conversion- Already certificated on one type of forklift truck and now need to use a different type of truck. (proof must be provided)
  • RTITB Refresher- These courses are for forklift drivers who have done an RTITB course and hold the relevant certification for the type of truck on which they require training(proof must be provided)
The above courses are applicable to all types of forklift truck. Each course will include 3 examinations which consist of : 

Pre-use check
Theoretical Test 
Practical Test

The candidates must pass all of these in order to gain their certification and each candidate will also receive a copy of the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) "Operators Safety Code" booklet. The training will include specific job training as per Approved Code of Practice L117 as required.

Course Lengths

Novice Courses can take up to five days depending on the number of trainees attending

3 trainees 5 days
2 trainees 4 days
1 trainee 3 days

(Please note maximum trainees allowed per course is 3)

Experienced Courses

3 trainees 3 days
2  trainees 2.5 days
1 trainee     2 days 


Conversion Courses

3 trainees    2 days
2 trainees  1.5 days
1 trainee  1   day 


Refresher Courses

3 trainees 1  day


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