Hydraulic Injector Extraction..
We have a 99% sucess rate!

In recent years commonrail diesel engines have become more popular and are now fitted in almost every passenger vehicle and LCV built today. Along with the sucess of these engines a problem has developed where CARBON and RUST build up around the injector and seize it into the cylinder head, which many garages including main dealers will have customers believe they are 'impossible' to remove and many customers have been charged for new cylinder heads and in extreme cases even a whole replacement engine at a cost of thousands!

Armstrong Autos are the first garage in the area to invest in hydraulic injector extraction equipment.

Our tool can be used on a large percentage of commonrail diesel engines including :

  • Renault 1.9 dCi, 2.0 dCi, 2.2 dCi & 2.5 dCi.
  • Vivaro, Trafic & Primastar 115hp dCi (cdti) engine.
  • Mercedes CDI
  • Vauhxall & Fiat 1.3, 1.9 & 2.0 cdti
  • Peugeot ALL HDI engines (Including sleeve replacement on 1.6)

This is just a list of the most common models we see on a day to day basis, if you have a seized injector call us on 01582 410801 to discuss how our injector extractor can help you and potentially save you thousands!



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