Welcome to the website one of the busiest Ceilidh / Barn Dance bands in the UK.

We regularly perform all over the country at Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Conferences, Product Launches, University Balls and Charity events as well as Festivals and Public Dances.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site and when you are finished, we would like to suggest that it would a fantablulous night for a MoonDance at your event.

The band line-up is usually a six-piece featuring the electric guitar of Brian Heywood; the virtuoso electric fiddle playing of Sian Phillips or Mark Knight; the keyboards or fiddle of Tom Fairbairn; James Asher on drums and Paul Francis on bass guitar and a top caller. But we can field up to a seven piece or slim down to a four piece as required. The band includes players from such ground-breaking groups as The Cluster of Nuts Band, Blue Horses and Whapweasel, you can be assured of the very best in ceilidh / barn dance music.

The band works with some of the UK's finest dance callers and can thus ensure that the audience will be in the best possible hands, an essential element if everyone is going to have a good time. The caller is well versed in running an enjoyable evening and will select dances to suit the ability of the audience.


Unique Funk / Folk Ceilidh

MoonDance provide a truly unique ceilidh experience. Imagine the accessibility of traditional dance music combined with power of rock and funk music. Unlike many ‘electric’ barn dance bands, the MoonDance sound is more than just an acoustic folk band grafted onto a pub-rock rhythm section. The music has been developed as true fusion of the best of traditional and modern dance rhythms.

The band is a stalwart of the burgeoning 'e-ceilidh' movement, a mix of English & Celtic social dance where the 'dancing' is more important than getting it 'right' and the purpose is to party - truly harmony in motion.

Demo CD and Video DVD available on request.



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