A Brief History

The band now known as GRIM LAKE FACILITY was founded by bassist Kevin King and vocalist\guitarist Dexter Hulme in 1995. The band was joined by lead guitarist Patrick Banks in 1999 which added another dimension to the sound. The band shortly thereafter set about playing gigs all around the south east and the Londonmusic circuit developing their writing style and receiving great live reviews. GLF also featured on acompilation album called “Uproar” on matchbox recordings, released in 2003.

The line up was to change again as previous drummer was replaced by Greg Webber in 2005, which we believe to be the final piece to the puzzle.

Since then the band have had three CD releases including: “Beatle Bones ep (2005)”, “Demo (2006)”, and most recently “Cloud Circus (2008)”. Over the years GLF have enjoyed many gigs along side bands such as Bloc Party, Alabama 3 and King Furnace.


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