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Great News!!! Next Up has a great opportunity in gaining you even more exposure for all artists that are NOT listed with the ppl or prs.
(If you are registered with the above then please feel free to promote yourself on our website which is a free service)
Next Up was re-launched in 2009 with the main objective being an on-line networking site advertising pubs, clubs, venues, local businesses, charities and more. We now offer serious entertainers looking for bookings a FREE three page website to promote artist information such as availability, location, areas willing to travel, videos,  etc to  pubs, clubs and venues that we have listed within UK and Ireland.
For artists that perform their own material we now offer a great way to promote their songs by means of a jukebox which we already have throughout UK and Ireland. We cannot think of a better way to promote artists than the artists themselves playing their tracks within the venues that host the jukeboxes. The jukebox offers a section called ‘Unsigned Artists’ which Next Up have sole rights to, for the use of its members. Currently there are 3000 jukeboxes throughout UK and Ireland and the numbers are continuously growing

How It Works….

You send us MP3’s of your work along with the details of the track and an image you want the people who use the Jukebox to see.

Any tracks and images you send us will be displayed prominently in the “Unsigned Artists” and optionally the “Local Artist” section of the Jukebox. The people who use the Jukebox will be able to select your tracks just like any other artist.

The tracks and the images remain your property, you keep all of the rights to your material but you will need to agree that the tracks cannot be removed once loaded (as that would require a site visit by an engineer)..

As the “Unsigned Artist” section is free for people to select, we are unable to pay any royalties, this is purely for you own promotion.

We send out an update every month to each site so if you come up with any new material just send it to us and we will include in the next moths update.

If any artists wish to sell their own material, Next Up Promotions will soon offer an online store in order to do so along with any other merchandise relevant to you as a performer.

If you know of a site or venue that you think might be interested in having this kind of Jukebox let us know and if we install it we will make sure you material is the first to be loaded on.
We are very excited at this development and feel all our artists would benefit by adding their profiles to Next Up's Entertainers Free Listing. If you would like us to manage or promote you as an artist (If you are a DJ or entertainer) and feel that you could use us as your agents we would be more than happy to add your profile on your behalf. If you also have material which is solely your own (cannot be covers of any other songs due to copyright laws) then please click one of the links below to benefit from this great opportunity.
If you are a dj please also take advantage of our free listing.

Once again we hope you make use of this fantastic offer, in order to increase bookings and gain greater publicity.
We at Next Up endeavour to continue promoting our artists.
All the best

Next Up

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